Compare CPU Solutions CEV-6906 vs other gaming PCs

CPU Solutions CEV-6906

Compare CPU Solutions CEV-6906 vs other computers:

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CPU Solutions CEV-6906 technical specifications

CPU Solutions CEV-6906


CPU Solutions CEV-6906
Processor (CPU)?Central Processing Unit is the heart of a gaming PC and is responsible for running games.
AMD Ryzen 9 3950X
Memory (RAM)?Memory increases the general speed of a gaming PC.
Graphics card (GPU)?Graphics Processing Unit calculates 3D graphics and is essential for gaming and heavy programs.
Quadro RTX 4000
Size (length x width x height)
18.3 x 16 x 8.1 inches
(46.48 x 40.64 x 20.57 cm)
Operating system (OS)
Windows 10 Pro
Hard drives
2000gb SSD, 4000gb HDD description

CPU Solutions CEV-6906 4K Video Editing PC Ryzen 9 3950X to 4.7Ghz 16 Core 32 Thread, 64GB RAM, 2000GB NVMe SSD, 4TB HDD, Windows 10 Pro, Quadro RTX4000 w/8GB

AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 4.7GHz Boost 16 Core 32 Thread CPU, with CPU Liquid Cooler - Socket AM4 - 72MB Cache - 64-bit Processing - 64GB DDR4 RAM Up-gradable to 128GB

Intel 2000GB PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD 1.8 GB/s Maximum Read Transfer Rate - 1.8 GB/s Maximum Write Transfer Rate - 256-bit Encryption Standard., 4TB 5400RPM HDD, Windows 10 Professional 64Bit with USB Media

NVIDIA Chipset Quadro RTX4000 w/8GB GDDR6, Three DisplayPort 1.4 outputs (supporting resolutions such as 3840 x 2160 at 120 Hz, 5120 x 2880 at 60 Hz and 7680 x 4320 at 60Hz) Included UBC Type-C to DP adapter provides the full range of resolutions and refresh rates noted and DisplayPort to HDMI cables (resolution support based on dongle specifications) 4 x Monitors Supported

Desktop Motherboard w/ AMD X570 Chipset, Wireless Keyboard, Mouse. WiFi Wireless AC

USB Ports: 10 - 4 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A, 2x USB 3.2 Gen 1, 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 3.0 , Corsair Carbide Series 275Q Mid-Tower Quiet Case - Black 850w Gold Certified 90% Efficiency Power Supply -3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty- No Bloatware.