Compare Corsair One i145 (CS-9020006-NA) vs other laptops

Corsair One i145 (CS-9020006-NA)

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Corsair One i145 (CS-9020006-NA) technical specifications

Corsair One i145 (CS-9020006-NA)


Corsair One i145 (CS-9020006-NA)
Processor (CPU)?Central Processing Unit is the heart of a gaming PC and is responsible for running games.
Intel Core i7-9700K
Graphics card (GPU)?Graphics Processing Unit calculates 3D graphics and is essential for gaming and other heavy programs.
GeForce RTX 2080
16.27 lbs (7.38 kg)
Size (length x width x height)
19.25 x 13.19 x 11.46 inches
(48.89 x 33.5 x 29.11 cm)
Hard drives
960gb HDD List Price
$2,899.99 Lowest New Price
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Corsair One i145 Compact Gaming PC, i7-9700K, Liquid-Cooled RTX 2080, 960GB M.2, 2TB HDD, 32GB

Corsair One i145 redefines what you can expect from a high performance PC. Incredibly fast, amazingly compact, and quiet, With a sophisticated design that lives on your desk, not under it.

Corsair One i145 boasts the latest in performance PC technology, with an Intel Core i7-9700k Eight-Core Processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics and award-winning Corsair DDR4 memory.

Clad in a 2mm thick bead-blasted aluminum shell. CORSAIR ONE i145’s minimalist ultra-small form factor is crafted to sit on top of your desk, not under it.

Zero RPM mode allows for quiet fanless operation when idle.

CORSAIR ONE i145’s processor and graphics card are cooled using a patented assisted convection liquid cooling system, achieving higher clock speeds, lower temperatures and minimal noise.