Compare Dell G5 (i5000-7439BLK-PUS) vs other gaming PCs

Dell G5 (i5000-7439BLK-PUS)


Compare Dell G5 vs other Intel i5 gaming PCs:

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Intel Core i5 Series
Dell G5 (i5000-7439BLK-PUS) technical specifications

Dell G5 (i5000-7439BLK-PUS)


Dell G5 (i5000-7439BLK-PUS)
Processor (CPU)?Central Processing Unit is the heart of a gaming PC and is responsible for running games.
Intel Core i5 Series
Memory (RAM)?Memory increases the general speed of a gaming PC.
Graphics card (GPU)?Graphics Processing Unit calculates 3D graphics and is essential for gaming and heavy programs.
GeForce GTX 1660
Size (length x width x height)
14.45 x 12.12 x 6.65 inches
(36.7 x 30.78 x 16.89 cm)
Hard drives
500gb SSD List Price
$1,219.99 Lowest New Price
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New Dell G5 Gaming Desktop, Intel Core i7-10th Gen, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super 4GB GDDR6, 512GB SSD Storage, 16GB RAM, Black (i5000-7439BLK-PUS)

Conveniently compact: The surprisingly compact design takes up minimal space, making it easier to adjust your full gaming setup or transport your PC to LAN parties.

Unforgettable design: A distinctive, gamer-inspired design with blue bezel LED lighting and optional clear window side panel gives the G5 gaming desktop a dynamic look and feel that stands out among the crowd

Upgrades made easy: By loosening the two thumbscrews on the back of the system, you can easily remove the side panel to access the internals of the system and upgrade your CPU, GPU, memory and hard drives.