Compare MSI Codex R 3060 vs other gaming PCs

MSI Codex R 3060

Compare MSI Codex R 3060 vs other Intel i7 gaming PCs:

Compare MSI Codex R 3060 vs other Intel i7 gaming PCs:

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MSI Codex R 3060 technical specifications

MSI Codex R 3060


MSI Codex R 3060
Processor (CPU)?Central Processing Unit is the heart of a gaming PC and is responsible for running games.
Intel Core i7-10700
Memory (RAM)?Memory increases the general speed of a gaming PC.
Graphics card (GPU)?Graphics Processing Unit calculates 3D graphics and is essential for gaming and heavy programs.
GeForce RTX 3060
Operating system (OS)
Windows 10
Hard drives
2000gb SSD List Price
$2,719.99 Lowest New Price
$2,719.99 Lowest Used Price
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MSI Codex R 3060 Gaming Desktop PC, GeForce RTX 3060 12GB GDDR6, Intel Octa-Core i7-10700, 64GB RAM, 2TB SSD, Wi-Fi 6, Blutooth 5.1, DP/HDMI/DVI, Mytrix HDMI 2.1 Cable, Win 10

【RTX 30 Series Graphics Card】The GeForce RTX 3060 delivers ultra performance that gamers crave, powered by Ampere—NVIDIA's 2nd gen RTX architecture. The GeForce RTX3060 is built with enhanced RT Cores and Tensor Cores, new streaming multiprocessors, and superfast memory for an amazing gaming experience

【Ultimate CPU for Multitasking】Experience a 40% boost in computing from last generation. MSI Desktop equips the 10th Gen. Intel Core i7-10700 processor with the upmost computing power to bring you an unparalleled gaming experience and Multitasking

【Efficient Cooling System】Featuring three 120mm system fans to ensure constant airflow and the magnetic filter with ultra-fine ventilation hole to prevent overheating; the Codex R will remain cool while handling the most intensive gaming experience.

【Light On when Gaming】With the built in RGB lighting, animate and take your gaming experience to the next level by simply pressing the LED button to unlock all the RGB lighting presents to make it truly personalized to fit your battlestation.

【Multiple Ports Available】Front: 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, 1 x Mic in/ 1 x Headphone out. Rear: 4 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x HDMI, 3 x DP, 1 x DVI